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Using the gateway within your heart

to access the Divine Matrix

The purpose of this blog is to introduce, then reveal in detail an exciting, truly landmark new discovery in the realm of spiritual science.

Understand that this discovery enables your direct spiritual empowerment in the here-and-now of the material realm by virtue of your achieving a direct connection with what many are calling the Divine Matrix, the very fabric and glue of reality on a quantum level of creation, as well as everything embedded in that matrix.

The location of this faultless connection point is in your own heart, a tiny energy vortex—the portal—figuratively within the heart chakra, but in actuality a quantum level beyond that chakra and your etheric network of other chakras.

Likewise, the spirit-energy that this portal both sends and receives is much more refined than the etheric energies of the chakra system. Like the portal itself, the vibratory rate of this spirit-energy is a quantum level more subtle than the etheric plane, in the uppermost octave of the local spirit plane, the realm of the divine matrix.

What’s been discovered is a simple system comprising certain universal laws, the heart portal, its unique frequency of energy, and their miraculous interplay both within you and beyond you, easily brought about and directed by the mere act of your will.

Actually, the main components of this amazing discovery—the portal, the energy and the matrix—have always existed, so the only thing really “new” is the discovery of these three components as one dynamically integrated system.

The final, fourth component is your will and it needs only the proper information with which it can then engage the system, your own Portal of Spirit—gateway to the Divine Matrix and the key to your spiritual empowerment.

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To insure your fullest understanding of this information, it’s essential that the following pages be read in numerical order beginning with the Home page.


Welcome, and thanks for visiting —
With this first posting I’ll introduce this truly extraordinary discovery, the Portal of Spirit. By any measure the basic concept of this simple system is indeed a landmark discovery in spiritual science.
Before introducing the Portal of Spirit, however, I need to lay a little needed groundwork first. In later posts I’ll be going far beyond just groundwork and weld together an entire foundation of knowledge that will support your understanding and actual use of this amazing system for spiritual empowerment in your everyday life.
Since this system really does operate by the mere act of our will, we need to educate the will on how it works first, similar to educating our will about pens, for example, so we can now freely operate them—expressing through one of our hands our will to communicate in writing. But you won’t need to use either hand while expressing your will to use the Portal of Spirit. Physically, it’s effortless, so perhaps more accurately, it operates solely by the (mere) act of your will. However easy as that might sound, your will still needs to be educated.
You won't need any special books, tools, homework or even a pencil, so don't be put off by the word, education, because when I’ve finished describing the basic system behind this new discovery I'm sure you’ll realize just how simple it really is.
I use the term spiritual science because like many people who are curious about the fundamentals within the realms of both spirituality and science I see no reason, either logical or faith-based to perceive a borderline dividing the two realms' functions in the material world. Put in their proper perspective, neither one ever needs to exclude the other; moreover, if one does there's a needless problem somewhere.
After all, we don’t live in two separate material worlds—one ruled by the laws of spirit and the other one ruled by the laws of physics—so why have an artificial barrier attempting to divide the one, obviously single material world we live in? The main cause of our belief that such a separation exists is a basic and totally innocent lack of information. Well, that, plus a little misinformation purposely thrown into the mix just to keep us confused.
Of course that basic lack of information has innumerable causes, but many of those causes did indeed originate as some serious misinformation many thousands of years ago, thus embedding their powerful influence in our everyday consciousness, our personal belief systems, as well as in the very fabric of every different culture in the world. In this context I’m talking mainly about our various religious cultures and their core beliefs. I’ll add that the sources of all this misinformation are obviously still with us, still stoking the misinformation mill.
While most of us would have a hard time seeing ourselves as being somehow separate from the laws of physics, like say gravity, unfortunately many of us perceive ourselves as being somehow separate from God, the ultimate creative source or whatever you like to call it—whatever it was that created us and our entire universe. Are there different worlds or realities? Of course, and I'll cross that bridge later. But even in our material reality, how could we ever be separate? By definition, wouldn’t that condition cut us off from the very source of all life?—like a barrier between us and the air we need to survive?
This idea, feeling or perception of being somehow separate from God is further complicated and made even more illogical when we acknowledge that God, by simple definition, must also be the ultimate law of everything, of course thereby including the laws governing both spirit and in this case physics.
In addition, before the universe’s theoretical “Big Bang” it’s not like there was a cabinet full of basic elements floating around in the void which God happened to find one day and then use to create the universe. No. God made the universe from itself, its idea, thus making God the ultimate stuff—matter/energy—of everything in the universe, as well as the ultimate law governing all that stuff.
It only stands to reason that if there was even a hair’s-width of separation anywhere in the mix, entire parts of the system would literally disappear, fly apart or collapse, ultimately crippling the entire system as we know it. In short: literal separation is impossible. Unplug your lamp and then try turning it on.
So although our ingrained sense of separation might seem absurd when described on paper, nonetheless billions of us live with it, never wondering why we don’t die of “spiritual” starvation, simply dissolve or how we were ever born in the first place if in fact we’re actually separate from our creator, our source of all life. At best it’s an immeasurable stretch of logic with nothing anchoring one of its ends.
Logical or not, here we are, which is impossible to deny, so how do we justify these glaring, contradictory breaches of logic? First, by not really thinking about it, but to a greater extent we've come to accept using spiritual intermediaries, agents, middlemen or whatever you choose to call the special emissaries or conduits between us and our creator(s). These are the beings we usually acknowledge as being spiritually superior to us or having free access to powers somehow beyond our mortal reach; beings like Jesus, Krishna, Mohammed, Buddha and even the powerful nature spirits revered within all indigenous people’s belief systems.
However, thanks again to the ever-present, ongoing influence of misinformation on this planet, these divine emissaries or conduits don’t solve the entire perception-of-separation problem for us either. If someone is inclined to simply not believe in the power or existence of these exalted beings or even in the existence of God we have a whole new can of logic-worms because that person is obviously just as “here” as the rest of us. In fact they might be the happiest, healthiest, richest, most honest and nicest person on the planet. So what’s up with that? How do they get a free pass? Or are they losing their soul or going to hell for being nice by accident?—that'll teach those heathens.
First, our divine emissaries, like Jesus for example, are simply that: spiritually advanced beings who’ve appeared occasionally throughout history to teach us, to deliver information—evolutionary lessons—from some higher realm. That would be all fine and good were there not also the ever-present opposing force constantly working just as hard to warp those lessons over time, the foremost lesson being that we are one with God—inseparable. That opposing force is here to deny that fact; ultimately to deny God, what God is and many crucial aspects of reality and life itself.
So instead of realizing how we can take advantage of our divine birthright, our unity with God, what God is and how all this works, we’ve gradually been fooled into relating to our divine emissaries like they’re heroin dealers on whom we’re totally dependent; the heroin in this analogy being whatever kinds of blessings our particular religion offers its followers, formerly the actual lessons which the emissary delivered in the first place, but which have now been cleverly and strategically warped. Woops—we're back to being separated again, plus having a bunch of other false ideas too, core ideas about how God actually works.
For the so-called dark side it’s “mission accomplished”—smokescreen of separation maintained, at least for the time being, plus that’s just one of their main misinformation goals; you’ll recognize more later on. This is evident by the fact that there aren’t a lot of people going around doing stuff we’d call miraculous (not to mention the treacherous, even predatory behavior of countless self-proclaimed “religious” people in various roles of our leadership, as well as all levels of society).
But I’m one of the growing number of people who believe that humanity is on the verge of a huge leap forward in our spiritual/scientific empowerment and prowess, and that in the very near future the word miracle will lose its usefulness when more and more of us are performing them on a regular basis. 
In the common sense of the term, I don’t believe in miracles anyway, although I do hold a sacred place in my heart for what’s called divine grace. If that sounds contrary I'm sorry, but it's a bit off-topic here so I won't explain it. But miracles? An invisible cause producing a visible effect?—yes; a miracle?—not so much. One of the great things about eliminating that old barrier between science and spirituality is that there’s finally hope for a perfectly logical explanation for everything.
Will that make our new brand of miracles any less “spiritual?” Not at all. Does it make them any less religiously romantic? Sort of, but our former, standing-on-the-sidelines-in-helpless-awe kind of stance is a major symptom of the smokescreen and misinformation that got us into this separate-from-God dilemma in the first place.
Again, not to sound contradictory, but I’m sure that the romantic feelings of awe and wonderment at the workings of spirit will be even more profound when they’re based on the truth, as opposed to the ancient smokescreen of religious dogma and other equally ancient, yet ongoing sources of spiritual misinformation. For the record, I have endless reverence for God and all of God’s true emissaries, but it’s an immediate family kind of reverence and not a fear-filled or a drug addict/drug dealer kind of dependence born of the false notion that I’m somehow separate from God (and in need of re-uniting).
Now I’m getting a little closer to the discovery I’ve promised to reveal and much closer to the logic supporting the literal unity of the laws of spirit with the laws of physics. To me it’s all spiritual and it's all science. To rephrase my question: does that make the occasional discovery of divine hand prints any less euphoric? No, on the contrary, there are plenty of ecstatic moments to be had with each realization of how beautifully intertwined the worlds of science and physics are with the realms of spirit, its forces and powers. But you’ll see and feel that for yourself soon enough, if you don't already.
Believe me, if I could just blurt out this discovery in a neat little piece you could read in five minutes I would. I’m not writing this to burn off some calories so I’ll be brief when I can be brief. Divine truths are intrinsically simple, but in this case what I’ll be describing is a system of sorts—a very simple one, but a system nonetheless. There are a few simple divine truths, more specifically processes, operating within this simple system and when you reach the end of my explanation you’ll realize I haven’t overused the word simple. In fact the word elegant applies even better.
That being said, I’ll add that I won’t try to shortcut my explanations either, in fear of losing some readers due to the Internet’s typical 8-second boredom threshold. As ultimately simple as this discovery may be, there’s still a foundation of knowledge and more importantly understanding that’s necessary for you to be able to take full advantage of this system, this discovery for yourself. This might be redundant, but the act of communicating through a written language provides an adequate analogy: it’s a very simple process, but you had to learn an alphabet first.
I’m betting that by virtue of the fact that you’ve read this far, on this particular blog site, that you’ll be much more than just pleased, more like amazed when you actually grasp the real scope of this discovery, plus hopefully fascinated along the way. I sure was. Further on, the more you use this simple system first-hand, the more amazed you’ll become. In the meantime, however, I sincerely thank you for reading this. Humanity needs it, perhaps now more than ever. It's also a pretty exciting thought to realize that the time has come for this discovery to surface—or re-surface. I'd thought that time was about 10 years ago, but I was wrong.
Now let me finally blurt this out —
There is a spiritual energy center, a vortex—the Portal of Spirit—within your physical body that is attuned to a specific vibration, or frequency of energy, light or spirit-energy, whatever you wish to call it. The frequency of this particular energy is incredibly high or subtle; it’s at least three octaves or quantum levels higher than the vibrations of light-energy we’re familiar with, and that includes those of us who are familiar with or work with the usually unseen, higher frequencies of light-energies at work in our subtle bodies, like the essential energy network of chakras in the etheric body—at least another octave or quantum level higher, more refined than that network.
Why does this ultra-subtle energy center exist and what is its purpose? That’s a bit longer and truly fascinating story which can’t be simply blurted out, but at this early point in my explanation I can at least give you two hopefully tantalizing clues by saying that the nature of this energy is harmonizing, even transformative and that its vortex is located within your heart. These are facts, the sublime logic of which you’re about to discover also.
The Portal of Spirit is both within and beyond the heart chakra; it is within it because that’s its actual location and it’s beyond it because its realm is at least a quantum level higher in frequency than that of the etheric body and its network of other energy vortices, chakras, in this case the heart chakra. Its specific energy is both within and beyond the heart chakra too because it permeates our entire reality.
Stating the existence of this energy center within your heart as a fact leads me to a mandatory disclaimer of sorts before I explain anything more about it. I’m as fact-based as the next person (politicians excluded), meaning that I know I don’t get to make up my own facts or set of facts to support some theory that I wish would pan out.
So the disclaimer?—sort of? You do not need to be familiar with the etheric body, chakras or any part of that whole area of study suggesting other levels, octaves or realms of life, spirit or reality itself. If you can read, that’ll be just fine. Nor do you need to be a particularly religious or so-called spiritual person to comprehend and actually use this amazing discovery yourself, even though I’m wholeheartedly claiming that it’s truly a landmark discovery in the realm of “spiritual science.” (That’s my term and you can take it or leave it with no significant consequence either way.)
Like I’ve said, divine truths are intrinsically simple, elegant. God’s laws are not meant to be confusing nor do they require an advanced education of any sort to either comprehend them or to freely use them to their fullest, intended personal benefit. The only thing close to an actual requirement I will suggest is that you read forward with an open mind.
Time is precious and I respect yours, so it’ll be a much more effective investment of your time here if you can put your occasional little automatic judgments on a mental shelf somewhere whenever they come up as you read the upcoming pages, saving them all for when the entire system within this discovery has been presented. Then go ahead and judge to your heart’s content, especially after you’ve begun actually using this system, this discovery, first-hand for yourself. Many of your previously held judgments and all of your possible doubts will dissolve in the well of your own proven truths. None of this is about faith. 
I know I promised no homework, but if you’re a dreamer, I mean if you’re occasionally aware of your dreams after you’ve slept, maybe you’d like to try something that could be interesting, or not—no guarantees.
Even though it’s pretty early in the discussion, having read through this particular blog posting, right before you go to sleep ask yourself, out loud, to give you a dream that you can remember regarding what you’ve just read. Don’t butter it up or make any suggestions at all about the content of the dream; ask only for your higher, inner mind’s impression of what you’ve read so far, plus give it permission if it wants to elaborate. No need to make a big ceremony out of your request, just try it and see what happens.
If you're not that conscious of your dreams, don't worry about it; you can try it anyway, but skipping this little experiment will have absolutely no bearing on your ability to learn about the Portal of Spirit system or on your ability to use it yourself.
I’ll be adding a new posting as soon as possible. Until then, thanks for reading this far. The best is yet to come.