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Using the gateway within your heart

to access the Divine Matrix

The purpose of this blog is to introduce, then reveal in detail an exciting, truly landmark new discovery in the realm of spiritual science.

Understand that this discovery enables your direct spiritual empowerment in the here-and-now of the material realm by virtue of your achieving a direct connection with what many are calling the Divine Matrix, the very fabric and glue of reality on a quantum level of creation, as well as everything embedded in that matrix.

The location of this faultless connection point is in your own heart, a tiny energy vortex—the portal—figuratively within the heart chakra, but in actuality a quantum level beyond that chakra and your etheric network of other chakras.

Likewise, the spirit-energy that this portal both sends and receives is much more refined than the etheric energies of the chakra system. Like the portal itself, the vibratory rate of this spirit-energy is a quantum level more subtle than the etheric plane, in the uppermost octave of the local spirit plane, the realm of the divine matrix.

What’s been discovered is a simple system comprising certain universal laws, the heart portal, its unique frequency of energy, and their miraculous interplay both within you and beyond you, easily brought about and directed by the mere act of your will.

Actually, the main components of this amazing discovery—the portal, the energy and the matrix—have always existed, so the only thing really “new” is the discovery of these three components as one dynamically integrated system.

The final, fourth component is your will and it needs only the proper information with which it can then engage the system, your own Portal of Spirit—gateway to the Divine Matrix and the key to your spiritual empowerment.

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To insure your fullest understanding of this information, it’s essential that the following pages be read in numerical order beginning with the Home page.

Blending Physics with Spirit

Hi and welcome back —
One of the early points I offered in my first posting was that there is no solid logic behind our seeming persistence of creating an inherently useless boundary, a dividing line, between our studies within the sciences of physics and what I refer to as the science of spirit, or, before the word religion went out of vogue amongst everyday researchers, what was more commonly referred to as the line between science and religion. Whatever you call it, the discussion of your Portal of Spirit dissolves that line.
I should clarify that I’m referring to how and why both of the two elements, the stuff of physics and the stuff of spirit, function within our material realm, not beyond it—at least not for now. After all, we may be from some realm of spirit, but for now we're living in the material realm and this is where we could obviously use some help. All around us we see the benefits of our ongoing research in the physical sciences making our lives easier, safer and often more rewarding. So excuse me, but isn’t it about time we started reaping some real, tangible benefits in our everyday material lives from our studies and research of our spirituality?—I mean beyond promises; promises, by the way, that coincidentally (as if!) foster the notion of our separation from God?
 (I acknowledge that my terminology is a bit awkward when I say I’m comparing physics to spirit, since physics is a science and spirit is a realm or even a substance, so to speak, but there’s no such word as “spiritics”—the word metaphysics coming the closest, meaning unseen physics. However, for reasons I won’t go into [like the recently spun, unfortunately negative public assumptions about the word], I’m as reluctant to use the word metaphysics as I am the word religion in most of my context.)
Most of us acknowledge the existence of other worlds or realms of reality. Physicists studying the current “M” string theory of sub-atomic matter/energy say there’s strong evidence supporting the existence of up to 11 other dimensions of reality simultaneously sharing our one universe, plus that our universe could be just one of countless others in a multiverse.
Why not? That basic concept is roughly comparable to the spiritual philosopher’s claim of additional, likewise “invisible” realms such as heaven—actually several on the astral planes—or as I mentioned in my first posting the etheric realm, the native realm of the energy network of the chakras in the human (etheric) body, just to name a few fairly well known examples.
Both camps of study also seem to share the concept of a functional hierarchy. In physics (I’m no physicist) the so-called hierarchy would go from the smallest particle (or whatever it is) to the largest, as well as from the weakest force to the strongest and some of the hottest action is around trying to find new, ever-smaller particles, be they energy or matter or whatever exotic formula of the two they discover and then work to analyze.
In spirit (my field) the extended hierarchy seems a little easier for most of us to grasp, going basically from us to God, although the number and definition of levels between us and the Godhead might be up for grabs depending on whom you ask. Fortunately, our conversation won’t require many exact definitions within either field of study, thanks again to the Portal of Spirit system’s ultimate simplicity.
Likewise, both camps share the concept of absolute laws, however, in this case the laws of physics are proven, well-defined absolutes, while the laws of spirit are a bit fuzzier and often mistakenly mixed in with what by closer examination is actually religious advice—very firm advice, like God’s “law” against murder, but hardly what constitutes an absolute law governing the actual functions of spirit-stuff within our reality. Make no mistake though, there are absolute laws of spirit and they reflect some basic laws of physics, as they should in our undivided material world where the laws of physics and spirit are one-in-the-same. Also of course, both camps have their as yet unproven theories of additional laws, since both camps are still on the move.
Now we can take these three commonly shared aspects, blend them back together and re-state parts of our current knowledge-base in both camps—physics and spirit. To feed my fascination with physics I do try to keep current, but I know the least about physics, so I’ll offer a slightly amateur recap of only whatever general information we’ll need for my description of how and why the Portal of Spirit system works.
Other than their ongoing quest for an all-encompassing “unified theory” of relativity, which I’m smart enough to stay far away from here, the search by physicists for increasingly smaller particles, wave-icles or whatever is equally both fascinating and relevant to our topic, especially relevant to the specific vibration or frequency of the “energy” that the portal within your heart is attuned to, and which it both receives and transmits.
Physicists use huge multi-billion-dollar particle colliders to smash together two accelerated streams of sub-atomic particles (like protons, the particles in the nuclei of atoms) and from among each collision’s flying debris sometimes they detect new, different, even smaller “bits”, the essential building-block matter and/or energies of our universe. I haven’t calculated how small the most recently detected bits are—some theoretically have no dimensions because they have no mass, but one, a neutrino, is about a billion times smaller than a proton. That’s hard to even imagine, nonetheless it’s a fact. (Try: http://scaleofuniverse.com/ for a graphic perspective on these sizes.)
Naturally, beyond what they’ve actually detected, physicists have well-founded theories about the very smallest, most primal bits of “stuff” at the extreme (small) end of their matter/energy hierarchy. You might be familiar with various “string” theories, and to put their hypothetical string into perspective, it would be at least another billion times smaller than a neutrino. While the existence of these energy-strings is not a known fact, a lot of the world’s leading physicists support these theories because they at least temporarily fill in, with credible logic, the otherwise blank place at the extreme (small) end of the matter/energy hierarchy in the sciences of particle or quantum physics. Figuratively speaking, otherwise their model of physical creation would be walking around with no feet.
Here’s a big problem: how can they possibly find, measure or otherwise quantify something a billion times smaller than a neutrino? Good luck. To grossly understate their problem, things that are infinitesimally small, thus virtually invisible are pretty difficult to experiment with. Some things can only be quantified by the behavior that they seem to exhibit, but at least that’s a start.
Also, not necessarily a problem though, we’ve wound up doubting the actual existence of so-called matter itself when the smaller things get, the more they appear to be simply sub-sub-sub-atomic bits of electro-magnetic light-energy behaving and interacting in different ways, including acting like solid matter. Previously, since atoms are mostly space, it was stated that your body is in fact 99.999% space; now it seems like the other .001% is actually sparks of electro-magnetic energy—similar to light. There goes our old concept of solid matter out the window, and—look out—here comes the possibility that the Big Bang was in fact pure consciousness, i.e., the birth of God’s idea of our particular universe; or in the case of a multiverse, the birth of a new god—our God—and that god’s new universe. Again: why not?
Now we’ve reached another possible logical commonality between physics and spirit: electro-magnetic, light-like stuff. With the qualities of scale, if you will, and an even grander hierarchy in mind we’ll revisit the realm of spirit. Words, like spirit, can get a bit tricky here because I’m ultimately proposing that: 1) all known and unknown realms of reality, including our material realm, consist entirely of the will and spirit of God in action and interaction, 2) any other condition is literally impossible and 3) therefore, literal separation (from God) is also impossible anywhere within creation. Otherwise our universe would be motionless and dead, if not altogether ceasing to exist.
Before I go further, let me get rid of a popular source of confusion, one that makes it all the more difficult for some people to find their position in or regarding the unity/separation debate; a debate that’s not necessarily out in the open, but in the minds of so many people who feel that we’re somehow separate from God and possibly lost souls—unplugged lamps—without a “connection” through one of God’s emissaries. These are the people who automatically recoil from comments like, “You and I are one;” a reaction that’s completely understandable and justified by common logic. It seems like some of the you-and-I-are-one folks could use a little clarification too. I’m doing this here because I don’t want to risk losing most of the “separation” people this early in the discussion. Stay with me folks.
You and I are not one. We are all part of God’s life, granted, but we are individuated sparks, so to speak, of that divine, omnipresent spirit—that one, living, inseparable creation of God. However, I have my spirit, my soul, and you have yours. Mine is not “one” with yours and yours is not part of mine. When we die our spirits will go their own separate ways, maybe on somewhat similar paths, but still separate. Creation is obviously not simply a homogenous blob of divine spirit or undifferentiated consciousness. It’s more like a multi-dimensional symphony orchestrated by countless individual players. My spirit is playing my parts and your spirit is playing yours.
I hope everyone’s happy with that, but if not, please just put it on your “automatic judgments shelf” for a while as we continue because I promise we’ll reach a compromise and that you’ll be glad you stayed in the discussion. On the other hand, if you’re getting a little bored because you’ve heard much of this before, I also promise that we’re still on our way to understanding an amazing and powerful new discovery; a discovery with immeasurable implications on our personal spiritual empowerment.
Now back to spirit — The word itself with its connotations of unseen realms and the substance and spirit-beings of those realms was in our vocabulary long before the word science, much less physics, ever came into use, naturally giving rise to the earliest concept of a hierarchy, even if that hierarchy originally consisted of only two tiers, us humans and the spirits we revered, often sought for help and usually obeyed.
Humans born with pronounced psychic sensitivities were often priests or shamans because the range of their perception extended beyond the usual spectrum of human sight, sound, etcetera—beyond the veil—and into the more subtle, “invisible” realm of etheric energies, nature spirits and other entities. In a very real sense these priests and shamans are comparable to our modern day physicists who have developed the tools, processes and abilities to “see” beyond what’s ordinarily visible, usually benefitting the rest of us, but also with the power to make certain unseen elements behave badly, as noted in the creation of the atomic bomb.
Similarly, but on a lesser scale of destructiveness, and to note just one example, native Hawaiian shamans, kahunas, are well documented as having the ability to create, seemingly out of nothing, unseen entities (complex elementals actually) with the power to actually kill people at the kahuna’s bidding. Of course similar to the many beneficial creations of science, many other more peaceful entities, demigods, were created to serve the Hawaiian people who, in turn, literally fed them power adequate to their particular task through customary acts of adoration and worship.
So there are hierarchies in both of these allegedly unrelated fields of the physicist and the shaman. But they are indeed related because they’re both humans living in this same, undivided material world. What do they have that we lack? Information, pure and simple. Granted, it might seem like pretty exotic information to the rest of us, but it’s information nonetheless and not magic—another word like miracle that’s soon to lose its usefulness.
At this stage in our advancing evolution (also mainly the result of more information) it’s actually becoming counter-productive to maintain the separation that many of us still perceive between these two camps; these two fields of study, the understandings they provide and ultimately our ability to manipulate the properties and powers that we’re discovering within them. Put another way: we’ve gone too far and learned too much; so much so that it would be simply idiotic to proceed any further along two separate paths, denying known facts and pretending they’re still actually separate paths or that one or the other is bogus.
Throughout history innovative practitioners in both camps have been persecuted and even murdered by the opposite camp. The pendulum of persecution has swung both ways, and although in most modern societies—most, but not all—we no longer execute scientists or shamans in the town square, a certain amount of friction is still very evident. Overly mental materialists ridicule the “mumbo-jumbo” of the ever-expanding, so-called psychic sciences or metaphysics and the opposite of that group, the illogically religious, deny certain factual findings of science. The extremists in both of these factions stand to expand their wisdom and benefit immeasurably if they’d just let down their guard long enough to examine some new, completely logical information.
It’s a bit more complicated than that, however, because added to this mix we can’t forget the endless misinformation campaign of the ingenious dark camp, the spirits denying the will of God, including their alien-appointed priests, kings and so on throughout our history. Their job is to spin any hopeful new information from either of the two camps—it doesn’t matter which one—into negative confusion, obfuscation, mistrust, even anger; basically, whatever it takes to, a) keep us divided amongst ourselves, b) keep us imagining we’re separate from God and c) divert our path away from discovering certain major truths. Of course their ultimate goal is the outright denial of essential truths about our existence, mainly the truths that can and will empower us as literally creative beings sharing the life, spirit and love of God to our fullest potential.
Now, after 10,000 or so years of what many believe is our third major climb up the mountain of spiritual evolution since the eras of Lemuria and then Atlantis, suffice it to say that we have a huge, deeply rooted foundation of misconceptions to overcome before we can even think straight. That’s no small feat, but we’re intelligent beings—right?
Also, as we stand with one foot still on the tipping point, historically mere seconds away from having both feet on the plateau of the highly prophesized next Great Age, I feel a sense of last-ditch desperation coming from the ill-fated hierarchy of the denial spirits. Layers upon layers of misinformation and blatant denial are collapsing under their own weight, becoming noticeably more absurd under the simply logical, even casual scrutiny of a more educated, wiser human race. (I’ll bring up a really obvious example of this later.) So in the grandest sense I believe the old adage that “the third time’s the charm.” It’s our destiny, but we still have to take an active role—not all of us, but at least some of us—to make sure it happens.
Having partially equated the sciences of physics and spirit and mentioning the negative smokescreen of denial that’s kept humanity separated from God (and from each other), and both sciences separated as well, hopefully I’ve answered some preliminary concerns and/or neutralized a few possible distractions in advance. Now we can get back to the basic energies studied within both sciences, but primarily the ultra-subtle energy within the inner heart, your Portal of Spirit.
I use the term “ultra-subtle” to describe the vibrational scale of the seemingly electromagnetic light-energy or spirit-energy that resides in and flows through the tiny vortex within your inner heart, your heart portal. I also stated that the vortex or portal itself was not the heart chakra itself, but actually within or beyond that chakra, another fact that gives us an indication of scale too. So let’s look at some quantum levels, realms or planes of scale.
Your physical body and what you see around you is within the gross physical or material realm or plane. The frequency range on this plane is the lowest and slowest, also meaning that its wavelengths are the longest. The next quantum level up, so to speak, is the etheric plane, the home realm of your etheric body, your aura and the etheric body’s network of chakras that assimilate certain etheric energies, stepping them down in the process and then circulating the resulting vital energies to your physical body’s glandular system. The general frequency range within this plane is a quantum level higher or faster, meaning its wavelengths are therefore shorter—a lot shorter.
At this point I’ll mention that while there are many such quantum levels or planes in the hierarchal ladder between us material humans and the Godhead, we need only to go up one more level to investigate the heart portal and its unique energy. But let me remind you that we’re dealing with quantum levels here, so the next step up makes quite a difference—an understatement indeed.
Also, in case you don’t already know, each plane has its own sub-sets of various vibrational octaves within it, just like our material plane has its different octaves for the phenomena of light, sound and even matter. (I use the word octave figuratively.) Likewise, the etheric plane hosts many other octaves within its general frequency range, enabling more of life’s manifestations than the ones I just mentioned. Besides just knowing these internal octaves are there, however, we won’t have to make a lot of other such octave distinctions other than for the heart portal and the particular frequency of its energy.
Onto the next quantum step up on our hierarchal ladder of creation we reach what’s commonly known as the realm or plane of spirit. As usual, there are many sub-sets of octaves within the spirit plane, such as different octaves of angels and various levels of astral life—from hells to heavens, demons to Christs—where the soul resides between lives and is even tethered to a certain degree during each lifetime.
A very important distinction about the spirit plane is its uppermost vibratory range, that of the Christ vibration of spirit, at and beyond which only truth and/or perfection exists. Some researchers use the word Christ for this distinction, others do not. When I use the term Christ I’m referring to a precise threshold of vibratory rate or even a station of spiritual refinement comparable to the military ranks of Captain or General for example. Otherwise, if I’m referring to the Christ master named Jesus I’ll make that clear. If you can’t ignore the word’s religious overtones just call it “awesome” or whatever you want; what’s more important to remember here is that at the Christ vibratory threshold discordant energies, vibrations or entities, more commonly referred to as dark, negative or even evil, cannot exist because they are vibrationally imperfect, thus too slow or gross for this exalted level.
Too slow or gross? Well, I didn’t design creation, but to offer a few very simple analogies: you can’t play a bass C note on the high C string of a piano, nor can you repair a cell-phone with a plumbers wrench. Conversely, you can’t shine a flashlight through a brick wall (however, a gamma-ray flashlight would work).
Hopefully beyond anyone’s doubt, there exists a hierarchy of denial spirits within the vibratory “neighborhood” of our material realm of life. I use the word denial because the primary distinction of these rebellious beings is their denial of God’s will, although obviously not God’s spirit, in which case they would simply not exist. It’s a fascinating yet somewhat complex situation and I should explain an important concept within it that we’ll explore in much greater detail later: will and spirit are the primary feminine and masculine (respectively) aspects of God, thus will creates the space (form) for spirit to fill. The two are united as God’s intent throughout creation, at least any parts of creation that we need to be concerned about.
So when I say that at and beyond the Christ threshold (of the spirit plane) only truth and/or perfection can exist, of course I mean vibrationally pure, or higher expressions of life that are in vibrational harmony with God’s creation, more specifically stated: solely God’s will and spirit in some form of expression. Denial spirits may have an artificial will of their own, but it ain’t God’s will and therefore can’t sustain God’s life. That’s why, beyond our realm of space and time, what’s known as the Lucifer rebellion is essentially doomed to failure. Personally, I also believe that beyond our realm of space and time the “war in heaven” is essentially over.
Meanwhile, however, within our local realms of space and time and by the very laws of cause and effect, what was already started can’t be undone, so this situation has to play itself out—and lucky us, right here in the middle of it. It’s like a cancerous, multidimensional fractal in which everyone keeps getting turns to be “on point” and decide whether to express divine intent or deny it. When those of us in favor of divine intent reach a surprisingly low ratio of critical mass the fractal will rapidly heal itself. So whether we’re here by choice or the necessity of cause and effect, let’s learn what we can, make our own (free will) choices and proceed accordingly.
Now I’m way over my planned word-count for a single blog posting, so I’m going to pause here and continue the discussion of the spirit plane and its correlation to the specific energy of the heart portal in the next posting. It’s an awkward place for a break because this is such an important part of the overall explanation, so I apologize and hope you’ll be back for the rest of it. I’ll do my best to get the next posting online much more quickly too. I’ve been, let’s say, a bit weak-willed and busy on my own leg of the fractal. ‘Til then, thanks again for joining the discussion and please come back for the next posting.