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Using the gateway within your heart

to access the Divine Matrix

The purpose of this blog is to introduce, then reveal in detail an exciting, truly landmark new discovery in the realm of spiritual science.

Understand that this discovery enables your direct spiritual empowerment in the here-and-now of the material realm by virtue of your achieving a direct connection with what many are calling the Divine Matrix, the very fabric and glue of reality on a quantum level of creation, as well as everything embedded in that matrix.

The location of this faultless connection point is in your own heart, a tiny energy vortex—the portal—figuratively within the heart chakra, but in actuality a quantum level beyond that chakra and your etheric network of other chakras.

Likewise, the spirit-energy that this portal both sends and receives is much more refined than the etheric energies of the chakra system. Like the portal itself, the vibratory rate of this spirit-energy is a quantum level more subtle than the etheric plane, in the uppermost octave of the local spirit plane, the realm of the divine matrix.

What’s been discovered is a simple system comprising certain universal laws, the heart portal, its unique frequency of energy, and their miraculous interplay both within you and beyond you, easily brought about and directed by the mere act of your will.

Actually, the main components of this amazing discovery—the portal, the energy and the matrix—have always existed, so the only thing really “new” is the discovery of these three components as one dynamically integrated system.

The final, fourth component is your will and it needs only the proper information with which it can then engage the system, your own Portal of Spirit—gateway to the Divine Matrix and the key to your spiritual empowerment.

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To insure your fullest understanding of this information, it’s essential that the following pages be read in numerical order beginning with the Home page.

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Blending Physics with Spirit - Pt. 2

Hi and thanks for coming back again.
We ended the previous post having just stepped up the hierarchal ladder of realms or planes from the etheric plane onto the next plane, which I’m calling the "local" spirit plane. Because that posting was already much longer than I’d planned, I decided to pause at that point, the transition from the etheric plane to the local spirit plane, and continue the topic on this posting.
To smooth the transition between the two pages, I’ve skipped through the ending paragraphs of the last post and copied a few relevant statements and whole paragraphs from that post to this one (below). I’ll also note that if this is your first visit to this blog, I highly recommend that you start your reading with the blog’s very first post (April 13, 2014) and then read through the subsequent posts in chronological order.
I use the term “ultra-subtle” to describe the vibrational scale of the seemingly electromagnetic light-energy or spirit-energy that resides in and flows through the tiny vortex within your inner heart, your heart portal. I also stated that the vortex or portal itself was not the heart chakra itself, but actually within or beyond that chakra, another fact that gives us an indication of scale too. So let’s look at some quantum levels, realms or planes of scale.
Your physical body and what you see around you is within the gross physical or material realm or plane. The frequency range on this plane is the lowest and slowest, also meaning that its wavelengths are the longest. The next quantum level up, so to speak, is the etheric plane, the home realm of your etheric body, your aura and the etheric body’s network of chakras that assimilate certain etheric energies, stepping them down in the process and then circulating the resulting vital energies to your physical body’s glandular system. The general frequency range within this plane is a quantum level higher or faster, meaning its wavelengths are therefore shorter—a lot shorter.
…while there are many such quantum levels or planes in the hierarchal ladder between us material humans and the Godhead, we need only to go up one more level to investigate the heart portal and its unique energy. But let me remind you that we’re dealing with quantum levels here, so the next step up makes quite a difference...
…each plane has its own sub-sets of various vibrational octaves within it, just like our material plane has its different octaves for the phenomena of light, sound and even matter. … Likewise, the etheric plane hosts many other octaves within its general frequency range, enabling more of life’s manifestations than the ones I just mentioned.  (but)…we won’t have to make a lot of other such octave distinctions other than for the heart portal and the particular frequency of its energy.
Onto the next quantum step up on our hierarchal ladder of creation we reach what’s commonly known as the realm or plane of spirit. Actually there are more entire planes of spirit, but we need to look at only this first one, which for the sake of simplicity I’ll call the “local” spirit plane. As usual, there are many sub-sets of octaves within this local spirit plane, such as different octaves of angels and various levels of astral life—from hells to heavens, demons to Christs—where the soul resides between lives and is even tethered to a certain degree during each lifetime.
A very important distinction about the local spirit plane is its uppermost vibratory range, that of the Christ vibration of spirit, at and beyond which only truth and/or perfection exists.  …what’s more important to remember here is that at the Christ vibratory threshold discordant energies, vibrations or entities, more commonly referred to as dark, negative or even evil, cannot exist because they are vibrationally imperfect, thus too slow or gross for this exalted, more subtle level.
To offer a few very simple analogies: you can’t play a bass C note on the high C string of a piano, nor can you repair a cell-phone with a plumbers wrench. Conversely, you can’t shine a flashlight through a brick wall (however, a gamma-ray flashlight would work—more on that later too).
So when I say that at and beyond the Christ threshold (of the local spirit plane) only truth and/or perfection can exist, of course I mean vibrationally  pure, or higher expressions of life that are in vibrational harmony with God’s creation, more specifically stated: solely God’s will and spirit in some form of expression.
The same as in physics, when we refer to quantum levels of scale and the differences in sizes from one level to another, these differences are huge. To offer a comparison using the physicist’s tiny hypothetical “string” of matter-and/or-energy, we’ll start with a drop of water. That little drop of water contains about a trillion trillion atoms. If just one of those atoms was expanded to the size of the entire universe one of these hypothetical strings would be about the length of an average telephone pole in comparison. Mathematically, that length is about 10 meters to the minus 35th power, or a decimal point followed by 34 zeroes before the number 1.
Of course the physicist’s string and its measurements are hypothetical, but the fact remains that we’re certain that the “fabric” of the physical universe must have some finite properties, imaginable as being similar to a three-dimensional grid, or what physicists refer to as “quantum foam” at the very smallest, bottom step of its hierarchal ladder. Everything else in material creation builds upon that first quantum step.
The term quantum foam is new to me, but the graphic example I saw was the same as I’d seen before, consisting of little squares like graph paper, each square being only about a tenth of a string’s length in size. My immediate question was whether it was necessarily square cubes or perhaps Johannes Kepler’s rhombic dodecahedron (see:www.keplersdiscovery.com/SixCornered.html) or another geometric shape instead that would seem to offer more multidimensional potential for the model of quantum foam (and not to ruin your day, but there might be something even more subtle than quantum foam anyway—we just don’t know). The good news is that we don’t need to know the basics of quantum foam for our discussion, but I did introduce this tangent for a reason.
The subtle creates the gross. Physically, you are made of different cells that are made of different molecules that are made of different atoms and so on, down the quantum steps of the hierarchal ladder to the hypothetical strings of energy-stuff. So to a certain degree the subtle also controls the gross, in that it dictates its properties as well as its very existence. If you alter one of a molecule’s atoms, you change the entire molecule which in turn changes the cell and so on, back up the ladder.
This same principle applies to spirit, in that the absolute most subtle “bits” of God’s consciousness are the basic building blocks, so to speak, of everything else below it on the hierarchal ladder. Of the two masculine and feminine aspects of God, will and spirit, the concept of quantum foam would seem to be the equivalent of will (“creating the space for spirit to fill;” the same as saying, creating the form by which spirit expresses). This principle gets really interesting when you realize that, ultimately, divine will and spirit create matter, thus designing all interactive behaviors of matter—your body for example. So in our three local planes of creation you are the net result of your higher spirit’s intent, which it expresses through your soul, which is tasked with keeping track of a spiritual evolutionary agenda fulfilled, hopefully, through a series of physical lifetimes on this material plane.
Once you’re here there’s that “free will” thing, however, and things are somewhat up for grabs evolution-wise, especially considering our inharmonious roommates in this and neighboring realms, the denial spirits. Overall though, it’s all about the evolution of your soul and thus the enrichment and further evolution of your higher spirit as a result—we’re all here for varying reasons.
So let’s go back to the specific frequency of the electromagnetic-like energy of the heart portal and place it somewhere on the hierarchal ladder of creation. I said this energy was ultra-subtle, but it’s theoretically impossible for it to be any farther up the hierarchal ladder than the local spirit plane, mainly because that could preclude it from being able to have a chakra-like vortex anchored anywhere on the material or etheric plane, namely anywhere within your body.
Why? First, for the purpose of our discussion, that would put it too far beyond your normal conscious reach to be of any every-day, practical use, thus defeating its purpose, which we’ll get to soon. So even if we could somehow skip over two whole quantum planes, the ability for you to ever find the portal, much less access it, is virtually non-existent; I know of no one who has ever gone more than one plane beyond the local spirit plane in a meditation. The heart portal is already quite well hidden and has been for many thousands of years, known only to the very few we might call masters. But as we enter a new Great Age the time for its rediscovery has come, as I’m sure it has for other spiritual and material mysteries as well.
Recalling the local spirit plane, I also said that at its uppermost threshold its most subtle strata is the Christ level or frequency of spirit, “at and beyond which only truth and/or perfection exists.” This is the home octave of the energy within the heart portal, the uppermost threshold of the local spirit plane, and this distinction carries major implications regarding this energy’s inherent power, purpose and properties. Truth is synonymous with perfection and the word perfection applies to both the properties and the purpose of the portal’s energy. We’ll get to its power too.
First, regarding an important aspect of the portal energy’s perfection: being at the very uppermost threshold of the local spirit plane, it’s far enough up the hierarchal ladder to be one octave above the discordant or imperfect manifestations of the highest, most subtle denial spirit, presumably an archangel who, in this case, I’m calling discordant or imperfect due to its denial of God’s will (but obviously not God’s spirit). Of course this assumes that God’s will is indeed perfect, an assumption not shared by denial spirits. In case it needs saying at this point, I’ll also add that this denial of God’s feminine aspect, its will, goes no further up the hierarchal ladder, ending at the archangelic level of the local spirit plane.
Second, using perfection as a verb describes the heart portal energy’s overall purpose: to refine, quicken, transform or harmonize myriad other discordant or imperfect frequencies or manifestations of spirit-energy in our neighborhood of realms, but most importantly the expressions of spirit-energy here in our material realm. Remember the example of altering the atom, thus the molecule, thus the cell?—the subtle creating the gross? That’s exactly the same principle we’ll apply for using the “perfecting” spirit-energy of the heart portal to harmonize ourselves and aspects of the world around us with the genuinely perfect will of God. We need only to know how to do this—a system for engaging your heart portal and its amazing vibration of spirit-energy.
Like I mentioned, once this denial-of-divine-will idea actually manifested on the archangelic level of the spirit plane and began spreading to the less subtle realms of life below it, many inescapable laws of creation still applied to that action, mainly cause and effect, mandating that original cause to somehow play itself out and either flourish or die out. Until it does, again, it’s like a cancer that’s affecting the part of God’s body where we live, namely our three local planes of existence that manage and manifest a potentially hazardous cycle/system of reincarnation on the gross material plane where that original cause of denial can and will play itself out and become neutralized. At least that’s the plan, if you’d care to participate.
While any such neutralization process might seem to assign a certain amount of responsibility to us mere humans, it’s still a matter of choice. If your choice favors divine will, the sacred portal within your heart and the energy that you can will to flow through it will make it much easier for you to manifest your choice in the midst of the seemingly unrelenting discord all around us, even within us especially.
Living among literally trillions upon quadrillions of discordant thought-forms, simple elementals, complex elementals, spirits and angels of denial is difficult enough, especially when we seem to forget everything we know during the transition process from each death to our subsequent rebirth. It’s like going to school and getting a cruel form of amnesia at the end of each year, but still hoping to graduate eventually, somehow, and finally get on with your life as an adult. Thank God we have some textbooks, although most of them are archaic, have had many of the pages torn out and the remaining ones filled with graffiti by the denial spirits amongst the previous classmates. It’s a start though, plus there are those previous graduates who are kind enough to stay in touch—if you ask—or those who come back and visit from time to time when our regular teachers seem to have all gone insane. I’ve joked that it’s a predatory universe, but knowing the power of the spoken word, I retired that line.
All such conditions considered, it’s only fair that we have some other tools to help us tip the balance of power a little more in favor of God’s actual will; that is, if we so choose to find those tools and then actually use them. Naturally, in the pace and complexities of this day and age we should be looking for power tools. Now I’m speaking literally though, because any such tool does indeed need a certain amount of real power; power that can’t be out-powered or overpowered by some manifestation of discord within the multi-plane network of active influence created and maintained by the entities of denial.
I alluded to this power when, having located the heart portal’s energy on the hierarchal ladder, I said that its position at the very uppermost level of the spirit plane precisely defined its power, purpose and properties. Then in discussing this energy’s purpose I’d referred to a short segment of the hierarchal action of creating physical matter, with atoms creating molecules and molecules creating cells. Now I’ll use that same example in reverse to explain how the portal’s spirit-energy is powerful enough to do its job. It’s all relative, but in our local three-plane neighborhood of creation this unique form of spirit-energy is literally all-powerful.
Reversing my example of physical matter’s creative hierarchy, if you smash a cell or even a molecule with a hammer you will not alter any atoms. Similarly, even if you had a tiny little spoon only a few molecules long you could still not use it to scoop out an atom from another molecule; it's just too big, too gross. Particles of fine dust might stop your wristwatch, but rocks will not because they’re too large to get inside of the watch in the first place. (Sure, you can smash the watch with a rock. That’s funny, but not to our point here.) In creation, the small can alter the large, but not vice versa. Getting to the ultimate point: absolutely every discordant frequency of spirit-stuff in our local three-plane segment of creation is too slow or too gross to alter the ultra-subtle frequency of the spirit-energy within your heart portal. It’s simply mechanically impossible. Conversely, however, that means this ultra-subtle energy is perfectly capable of altering the slower, grosser discordant energies figuratively below it. That's important, and that it does.
We’ll revisit and expound upon all of these concepts again so we can start learning how, when and where we can use this amazing gift, our divine birthright, to transform and harmonize ourselves and our reality here on the material plane and even beyond. Naturally, your potential uses depend primarily on the characteristics and properties of the unique spirit-energy found within your heart portal and throughout our local realms of reality.
The "spirit" segment of the Portal of Spirit system is a fascinating topic and we'll begin that discussion on the next post. Please come back for that page, and thank you for reading this one.