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Using the gateway within your heart

to access the Divine Matrix

The purpose of this blog is to introduce, then reveal in detail an exciting, truly landmark new discovery in the realm of spiritual science.

Understand that this discovery enables your direct spiritual empowerment in the here-and-now of the material realm by virtue of your achieving a direct connection with what many are calling the Divine Matrix, the very fabric and glue of reality on a quantum level of creation, as well as everything embedded in that matrix.

The location of this faultless connection point is in your own heart, a tiny energy vortex—the portal—figuratively within the heart chakra, but in actuality a quantum level beyond that chakra and your etheric network of other chakras.

Likewise, the spirit-energy that this portal both sends and receives is much more refined than the etheric energies of the chakra system. Like the portal itself, the vibratory rate of this spirit-energy is a quantum level more subtle than the etheric plane, in the uppermost octave of the local spirit plane, the realm of the divine matrix.

What’s been discovered is a simple system comprising certain universal laws, the heart portal, its unique frequency of energy, and their miraculous interplay both within you and beyond you, easily brought about and directed by the mere act of your will.

Actually, the main components of this amazing discovery—the portal, the energy and the matrix—have always existed, so the only thing really “new” is the discovery of these three components as one dynamically integrated system.

The final, fourth component is your will and it needs only the proper information with which it can then engage the system, your own Portal of Spirit—gateway to the Divine Matrix and the key to your spiritual empowerment.

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To insure your fullest understanding of this information, it’s essential that the following pages be read in numerical order beginning with the Home page.

Page 4

An Immutable Spirit-Energy

When we left the last posting I’d said that as you might imagine it’s absolutely necessary to develop a complete understanding of the characteristics and properties of the heart portal’s unique form of spirit-energy in order to know how to engage it, how you can use it and for what purposes. Taking that logical premise a step further, I’ll add that I guaranty no living entity can ever use this particular energy without embracing and then employing such an understanding, exactly; there’s no wiggle room here. Moreover, it’s literally impossible for someone having that understanding to then try to circumvent any of the principles within that understanding in order to mis-use the power of this amazing spirit-energy in any way whatsoever. Don't worry, it's still easy to use; it's all about having the proper, educated intent.
As you learn more about the properties and incredible power of this spirit-energy you’ll surely appreciate the logic for having some absolutely infallible safeguards protecting key elements within the overall system; call them divine safeguards since there’s no other possible source for the pure genius behind them, much less for the sheer elegance of the system itself. Suffice it to say that if you’re looking for some cosmic secret weapon to zap people or conditions with even the slightest hint of ill intent—to alter any entity against its natural will, or alter any condition against divine will—you’ll never be able to engage this system. It’s impossible. As you’ll learn, any such negative or even just unenlightened intent simply disables the system at certain key levels or functions of its operation.
On the other hand, if you’re looking for a divine source of actual power with which you can permeate yourself, those around you, your environment and the whole planet with an incredible “light” of perfection, directed almost effortlessly by your merely willing it to happen, then keep reading because not even the sky’s your limit (since the sky is associated with the material plane, just to drop a hint).
What is perfect, or whose idea of perfection are we talking about? God’s will has to be the answer to that question, but before you laugh at the obvious simplicity of that answer let’s remember that we’re currently sharing almost every octave of the material, etheric and local spirit planes of Earth with various entities that take God’s spirit for granted, but utterly deny God’s will. So not everyone would agree that God’s will is the automatic gold standard for the concept of perfection; many people don’t, some out of their hopefully temporary ignorance, but others by their well thought-out choice. Most entities in the denial camp never make any such choice at all and automatically disagree because denial is at the core of their inherent nature. (Don’t worry, there’s an app for that.)
Although the majority of people on Earth would claim to favor God’s will, the vast and active presence of this discordant denial spirit influence throughout our three local planes of reality affects all of us in varying degrees, from slightly to overwhelmingly; very, very few are immune, myself included—trust me. As already mentioned, the portion of this influence that manifests as the still ongoing, deliberate and calculated mis-information campaign is woven deeply into the fabric of every culture on our planet and has been for eons, because denial spirits have been around since self-aware life first came to this planet.
Stating that these denial spirits, et al, are denying the will (but not the spirit) of God, instead of saying that they hate God or something else equally lame or non-revealing identifies the condition at its most basic level. At that most basic level the binary nature of God, or God’s intent is revealed as spirit and will. Will creates the space for spirit to fill. Or, will defines the form by which spirit expresses (the life of God). There are many ways to phrase this binary nature, but from this understanding we can also relate to will as being the feminine, magnetic-like aspect and spirit as being the masculine, light-like aspect of God, or of God’s intent. Please consider that simple phrase again: will creates the space for spirit to fill; it’s a powerful and far-reaching concept.
It’s from this same basic level that we’ll be able to analyze the spirit-energy that circulates within your heart portal and understand its nature; its properties, its purpose and its power. However, first allow me another tangent of information that’s necessary before we begin our analysis at this basic, binary level since my tangent is about that particular level of creation; the key term being “binary,” having two parts, a dual nature.
I can’t always vouch for the whereabouts of my consciousness when I’m asleep or otherwise seemingly unconscious except for my dream-time, which I like to review and milk for all the information I can get. My only other altered state (and location) of consciousness happens when I meditate. Although I rarely engage clients since leaving the U.S., another similar example is my therapy practice, Pattern Transformation™, when I guide my clients through various levels of their being, well beyond the subconscious mind (99.99% symptom), looking for what I refer to as the “core imprint” or the original cause of a discordant overall pattern that’s manifesting some kind of likewise discordant physical, emotional, mental or spiritual condition in the client’s life. My therapeutic modality was about 98% successful, my meditations are priceless and my dreams are fascinating sources for all kinds of messages and information, but they all have one common limitation.
That common limitation is like a barrier to incarnated human consciousness, consciousness that can travel, but that’s still tethered to a living human when it does. It’s found at higher planes of spirit than our local spirit plane and it’s unpassable for a few reasons. Before I relate some of those reasons let me avoid a potential quagmire of definitions of what I’m referring to as our “local” spirit plane by at least letting some of you scholars know that the local spirit plane I’m referring to throughout this discussion makes another quantum shift after the Christ level or octave, and before what I call the I Am level of a higher, “not-so-local” spirit plane. Pardon that purposely simple expression, but there are too many schools of thought on this “plane” subject, each with their own set of names, markers and definitions, thankfully none of which we’ll need to use in our discussion of the Portal of Spirit.
Theoretically, all planes are spirit planes, even the material plane, but because we’re humans with human limitations of written and spoken language we call most upper planes of creation the “such-and-such” plane “of spirit” because we have no other words (much less first-hand information) to describe them. We know only what we’ve been told by higher entities, but again, still told in some limited earthly language. Frankly, there’s not much point in trying to name and arrange more and more planes that we’ll never really comprehend while we’re Earth-bound, except for the comfort found in knowing that there’s still much more excitement ahead, as opposed to just blending back into the Godhead a few planes further along the road. As wonderful as that would undoubtedly be, it’s not everyone’s immediate or ultimate goal.
So even in a meditation, and even though our consciousness can travel to much higher levels of our lifestream, we’ll reach a very natural barrier because after a few more quantum level shifts, planes, we can’t decipher or comprehend the data beyond sensing a state of bliss, Samadhi. Welcome to Nirvana, you’ve just reached the end of the road for human-based consciousness, although the quickening, blessing effects of having attained that advanced state of consciousness will continue to bless you for the rest of your life. Granted, it’s a lot better than finding a big red “Stop” sign, but it’s a barrier none the less. Besides, what happens beyond that point is incomprehensible to us here (even if we could even half-way decipher the data), plus what’s happening here doesn’t really matter there either. I mean, does the life of an atom in the body of a dust mite on the other side of the world really matter to you?
In addition to these data discernment problems, the other, similar reason for the natural barrier lies in the fact that your upwardly traveling consciousness is tethered to a human body on the material plane. So let’s remember the vast differences in scale found in such quantum level shifts, much like our physics example of cells vs. molecules vs. atoms vs. protons vs. stings. That tether, a living string of spirit-stuff can only traverse a few quantum level shifts’ “intersections” before it’s rendered useless and has to stop, quite like trying to push Jupiter through the eye of a needle. But instead of something like an “Error Code 413” message you might see on your computer screen, the default message is Samadhi and a sensory state of bliss. Microsoft should be that considerate.
The point of my tangent is that nobody knows what God is capable of doing at higher levels of the hierarchal ladder of creation. More specifically, we have no idea if God is capable of somehow shifting from the binary system of creating or sustaining life, via will and spirit, to a singular system; a singular system of what?—pure intent? The very thought boggles the mind, at least it does mine, and it’s why I’m confident that physicists will never be able to confirm the existence of a singular unit of matter/energy on the material plane. Dual natured strings?—sure. Single natured strings?—no. By the very constructs of the material plane that’s simply impossible. But on higher planes of creation?—like I said, we have no idea of what God is capable of.
Meanwhile, we’re so far removed from any such plane where a divine singularity might exist that we absolutely must use the binary, will/spirit system of creation to analyze the spirit-energy of the heart portal, and for that matter the divine matrix too, the essential fabric of our local three-plane neighborhood; the entire system that makes life as we know it possible here at the bottom of the hierarchal ladder—our material world on the material plane.
Starting with the basics, let’s look at the earthly home of this unique spirit-energy, which is of course the heart. From its central location the physical heart feeds the entire body including the organ that hosts our consciousness, the brain. If the heart stops, the physical body dies and the consciousness leaves it. This roughly correlates to the heart supporting the conjoined elements of form and mind, Earth and sky, feminine and masculine, Mother and Father or ultimately will and spirit. It’s interesting that the heart also has brain—literally, a discovery that’s surprisingly recent considering that brain tissue has a distinctly different appearance than that of muscle, and a discovery that’s radically changing our previous physiological understandings of the heart.
Up one quantum level from the material plane to the etheric plane we have the same heart-type relationships going on, just on a higher, subtler level of expression. There are seven major chakras assimilating etheric energies for the body. The three lower chakras are associated with lower, more earthly, physical and emotional functions and the three upper chakras are associated with higher, more mental, even spiritual functions. The heart chakra is right in the middle, a blending point or axis again of the (figuratively) upper and lower functions correlating to consciousness and form—again, spirit and will.
I apologize for not knowing who made this simple analysis recently; it might have been Dr. Wayne Dyer, I’m not sure and maybe it’s not that unique anyway: the lower three chakras can produce an emotion, the upper three can produce a thought and when the emotion and the thought meet in the middle, in the heart, the heart produces a feeling. I might substitute the word “feeling” with “intent.” Both the physical and etheric hearts circulate something and transmit something to their respective systems, but the etheric heart chakra also radiates, so we’re constantly radiating and receiving feelings through our heart chakras 24/7. Plus let’s not forget that the physical heart has a brain, so you’d think we’d be a little more attuned to each other. Unfortunately, however, it’s all too common for a person’s heart chakra to be blocked to some degree with clouds of discordant etheric energies of some origin, often also causing their heart chakra to atrophy like a wilting flower, both conditions hindering their ability to clearly send their feelings and receive the feelings of others.
A repeated phrase is that we’re spiritual beings having a physical experience. All of these points are true, but the main point we’re reaching here is that in this unique world where spirit meets matter and the two blend to create the people we are and the world around us we need something that does all of the things that the heart does. We need one in our physical body and we need one in our etheric body. They’re almost like having a good office manager, a head chef, a music producer, a factory supervisor, a movie director or a building construction manager; someone in charge who knows what the final product should be, who can also alter or improve the product when needed and who knows how to combine the available raw materials with the available labor and the best available plans for the best possible final product. Again: Earth and sky, form and mind, feminine and masculine—will and spirit.
Now try to imagine how a similar heart-type function would be expressed on an even subtler level, a quantum level more subtle on the hierarchal ladder to be exact, to the uppermost octave of the local spirit plane. At this level we’re now one whole plane removed from the fetters of the material plane so we also get some magic, and it all starts in the local spirit plane’s even subtler version of the heart chakra, the Portal of Spirit. Maybe this tiny energy vortex is the product of spiritual evolution or maybe one of God’s senior engineers designed this sacred portal when they designed humans, but it’s a gift of our birthright as descendants of God, as individual divine lifestreams anchored on a material world. In other words, it’s a divine gift. Then again, isn’t that true of all good things?
Without this gift humanity would be… well, humanity would be the exact same mess that it already is today because virtually no one even knows that they have this gift, hidden so well within their inner heart. After all, when was the last time you were able to find something that’s invisible? But that’s heading to a different topic, so we’ll get back to the heart portal’s spirit-energy.
 It’s important that you understand the location of the heart portal; one full plane removed from the material plane, but still close enough to be accessed, consciously, from that plane. One more plane’s distance would be too far, but once we’re in this first, local plane of spirit we find certain spirit energies in much more primal, subtler forms of their expression. It is, after all, a plane of pure spirit. Of course we’re looking for some form of the “big two”, will and spirit, and naturally they’re here. Also naturally, their forms of expression are mechanically or vibrationally compatible with the heart portal since it’s manifesting in the very same octave of this plane that they are. It gets even better.
Recalling the basic attributes and functions of a heart-type vortex, and since the heart portal is a heart-type vortex, it shouldn’t be any surprise that the two primal forms of will and spirit found in this octave are automatically, naturally connected to the heart portal. If this doesn’t make complete sense, please go back seven paragraphs to, “Starting with the basics,” and read those preceding seven paragraphs again. There’s a segment of spiritual nature at work here and it’s important to understand how and why it works.
If I was an electrician I’d say that we now have two “hot leads” connected to the heart portal. Maybe that’s a little too colorful though, because I don’t want to give the impression that there are a couple of wires, conduits, pipes or anything of that sort just dangling somewhere waiting to be hooked up to something. After all, we can safely assume at this octave of the “local” spirit plane that every expression of life at this level is still operating via the binary will/spirit system of creation. So instead of “hot” maybe I should say “fine” because for our purposes we’re more interested in the power of the subtle over the gross than we are in just raw power. Whatever this binary power source actually is I don’t know, possibly because I’ve never asked nor ever really tried to figure it out, but I do know that it’s very light-like.
To recap for clarity’s sake, there are two light-like manifestations of spirit-substance which are apparently ruled (for want of a better word) by will and spirit. Will and spirit manifest the heart portal just like they do everything else, but in this case there are also these light-like manifestations of will and spirit that are the portal’s raw materials.
In the true fashion of a heart-type exchange and circulation vortex (a chakra) the heart portal then assimilates its raw materials, produces its “product” and then circulates it—it’s ready to circulate it anyway, as well as radiate it. In some circles of study the scene of this ongoing process is graphically described as the “three-fold flame”. How do we get three flames out of the two we started with? This illustration might help answer that question.
This is a simple rendition of the only three-fold flame illustration I’ve ever found, possibly the first or only one ever published. The pink flame signifies divine will, the feminine, magnetic-like aspect of God and the blue flame signifies divine spirit, the masculine, light-like aspect of God. The yellow flame signifies what the heart portal creates from its two flames of will and spirit, or the divine Mother and the divine Father. It is the Christ flame, the perfect divine offspring, expressing in the form of pure spirit-energy. (I’ll remind you again that this is not a reference to Christianity.)
Please understand that this graphic depiction of the three-fold flame is a purely symbolic image of the heart portal and what happens within it. Because I’m not a physicist or an engineer the actual process of how the heart portal produces its unique spirit-energy is one of those things, a mystery, which I doubt would improve my life one way or another if I knew how it worked. I don’t mean to devalue that kind of knowledge, rather I’m just saying that for now the most important concern for me and probably you too is the fact that this process does indeed happen. If you were in a vast desert dying of thirst and someone offered you a bottle of water, would you first insist on a complete description of its origins and how they found you, or would you just drink it? First things first, in order of priority.
I’ll add that from my own first experience with the spirit-energy within and radiating from my own heart portal many years ago, and every experience with it since then, I’ve never seen anything close to yellow (or golden). If you’ve ever seen a little piece of magnesium burn, that’s the only example I can think of that resembles the pure white, incredible intensity of the light within the heart portal, except minus any glare whatsoever since it’s not seen with the physical eyes. All of that being said, however, let’s also consider that mere appearances can often be almost meaningless.
Getting back to simple mechanics, let’s analyze this ultra-subtle spirit-energy’s inherent power to harmonize and even transform other spirit-energies because that’s exactly what it can do. First let me remind you that in the final analysis everything that exists in the material, etheric and local spirit planes of our world is basically spirit-energy in some form of expression—God-stuff. This premise correlates with a similar belief shared by many leading physicists, although still theoretical, that what we perceive as solid matter is actually some form of electromagnetic-like energy-stuff behaving like solid matter; meaning that literal solid matter doesn’t actually exist. (Just don’t ask me how come your uncle still weighs 300 pounds if he’s made of pure energy.)
We know that microcosms often mimic their macrocosms, and the same can be true in reverse, depending on which is building which. Also, recall that if you alter the proton you alter the atom, if you alter the atom you alter the molecule, and so on up the ladder with the subtle creating, altering or maintaining (controlling) the gross. The spirit-energy of the heart portal is a full two quantum levels (almost three) more subtle than the most subtle matter or energy on the material plane. The first thing we can easily deduce from that difference in scale is that it’s utterly impossible for any form of the material or etheric planes’ grosser forms or energies to alter the heart portal’s ultra-subtle spirit-energy. So we have an immutable form of spirit-energy; that is, immutable by any grosser forms or energies, i.e., any material and etheric part of you or your environment. We’re building a foundation of immutable power.
We’re also getting back into the area of comparing frequencies and wavelengths again and our previous example stating that you can’t play a bass “C” note on the high “C” string of a piano. But let’s reverse that example, because you can in fact cause a bass “C” string to eventually resonate its natural bass note by subjecting it to a precisely timed series of high “C” pings. The genius electronics inventor Nikola Tesla secretly demonstrated this exact phenomenon late one night about 100 years ago in New York City. First he measured the length of one of the large vertical steel beams in a building and from that length he calculated, by his theory, the frequency of pings required to make that beam resonate. He'd built a very small, variable speed tapping device and he attached it to one end of the beam, adjusted the rate of taps per-minute made by the tapping device to match his calculations, turned on the device and watched as it began rhythmically tapping away on the beam. The experiment was so successful that Tesla very soon had to shut the device off because the beam began shaking—waving actually—so violently, trying to rip itself free, he knew it would’ve destroyed a large part of the already strongly trembling building. This is a clear example of the subtle manipulating the gross, in the simplest terms of frequency and resonant wavelengths.
“As above, so below” is the shortest way of saying that spirit creates matter, that we and the world we live in are designed, made to manifest and maintained by the more subtle causative powers in the realms of spirit, those various binary systems expressing divine will and spirit from figuratively “above” us. It might seem a little impersonal to relate to your soul or its higher spirit as “binary systems,” but in purely mechanical terms that’s what they are.
Depending on your general karmic blueprint your soul does its best to help cause your birth in the most advantageous conditions for your spiritual evolution during a particular lifetime, but once you’re here neither your soul nor the lords of karma have the immutable power to alter every circumstance or condition regarding you or your environment as your life progresses. Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual expression and that of your immediate environment can seem to alternate between a carefree garden of grace and the school of hard knocks. This is nothing new, and while it might seem unfair that we have to share our world with a bunch of misguided denial spirits and to be exposed to their constant, omnipresent, often unperceivably subtle, negative influence, that’s still the world we’re in.
Obviously, we could use a tool to help shift the balance back in our favor; that is, assuming we favor God’s will. I have to be careful with this subject (I blew it the first time and had to re-write it), but many people consider prayer to be anything but reliable. If that were true, it might actually be a good thing because if everyone got what they prayed for the world would probably be even more chaotic than it already is. Prayers are effective, but they're not blindly omnipotent and cannot counter divine will or certain karmic patterns, especially those of a third party who might be being prayed for. Sometimes unaware of such natural constraints, a person of faith’s most common justification for a possibly inappropriate unanswered prayer is that “it wasn’t meant to be,” when in actuality they didn’t complete their sentence correctly: “It wasn’t meant to be this difficult.” It really wasn’t, nor does it have to be. Also, unlike prayer, other methods of metaphysical transformation or manifestation like magic or shamanism can take a lifetime of dedicated study to master, if in fact that level of expertise is ever actually achieved, which is extremely rare and still not without certain potential pitfalls.
The Portal of Spirit didn’t just randomly or spontaneously grow within your heart and it’s there for a number of good reasons, as well as purposes. Its unique spirit-energy is capable of transforming and/or harmonizing certain other discordant manifestations of not-so-divine will and spirit on the lower material, etheric and local spirit planes of life here on Earth. Because of its very nature—a very powerful, ultra-subtle expression of divine will and spirit—it’s capable of being used without your needing to know exactly what is or is not true divine will. The heart portal’s spirit-energy and the portal system itself automatically makes that decision for you, yet another built-in, very important safeguard. If you’re wondering why that should matter, let me suggest that the very last kind of “tool” you want is one that subjects you to the potential of inadvertently adding to your own karmic library instead of neutralizing it. I'm not saying that a misguided prayer will ad to your karmic load, only that a certain attitude of that assumption of inappropriate control can inadvertently slow your growth. Misguided magic, however, is a whole different story.
Once again, this posting has gone way beyond my preferred size limit for a single page. However, there’s still much more to be discussed about the inherent power of the heart portal’s spirit-energy and the basics of how and why it actually works, how and why it has the power and ability to literally transform and harmonize discordant events and conditions within us, our loved ones and our environment. So again I’ll have to post another page in order to complete our research on this amazing spirit-energy.
Please keep reading and thanks again for reading this far. I promise you’ll be glad you did and I’ll do my best to make sure that you learn everything you need to know in order for you to use this incredible gift to its fullest and best use.