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Using the gateway within your heart

to access the Divine Matrix

The purpose of this blog is to introduce, then reveal in detail an exciting, truly landmark new discovery in the realm of spiritual science.

Understand that this discovery enables your direct spiritual empowerment in the here-and-now of the material realm by virtue of your achieving a direct connection with what many are calling the Divine Matrix, the very fabric and glue of reality on a quantum level of creation, as well as everything embedded in that matrix.

The location of this faultless connection point is in your own heart, a tiny energy vortex—the portal—figuratively within the heart chakra, but in actuality a quantum level beyond that chakra and your etheric network of other chakras.

Likewise, the spirit-energy that this portal both sends and receives is much more refined than the etheric energies of the chakra system. Like the portal itself, the vibratory rate of this spirit-energy is a quantum level more subtle than the etheric plane, in the uppermost octave of the local spirit plane, the realm of the divine matrix.

What’s been discovered is a simple system comprising certain universal laws, the heart portal, its unique frequency of energy, and their miraculous interplay both within you and beyond you, easily brought about and directed by the mere act of your will.

Actually, the main components of this amazing discovery—the portal, the energy and the matrix—have always existed, so the only thing really “new” is the discovery of these three components as one dynamically integrated system.

The final, fourth component is your will and it needs only the proper information with which it can then engage the system, your own Portal of Spirit—gateway to the Divine Matrix and the key to your spiritual empowerment.

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To insure your fullest understanding of this information, it’s essential that the following pages be read in numerical order beginning with the Home page.

Page 5

The Divine Matrix

In this Blog and in my upcoming book I’ve made the crucial point of there being feminine and masculine aspects of God at work—always together—throughout creation; even phrasing this concept as our universe having aspects of a divine mother and a divine father. In other words, when our God was first birthed into what is now our universe the very next things that came into being were the universal Mother and Father gods. A tricky occurrence indeed, and not one that I’ll get into here, but if you think about it, it absolutely had to happen, thus it makes perfect sense.
When I say, “if you think about it,” let me seed that thought with two simple questions, one that’s probably familiar: what is the sound of one hand clapping, and, how could any computer program possibly work with only one digit?—either a zero or a one, but not both as must always be the case in  “binary” code. In a void, one hand produces no sound, no vibration, no change in its makeup or in the realm of its energies without another something to interact with. Nothing happens. Obviously the same result applies to our computers and their program codes if limited to only one digit instead of two; nothing. In either case nothing changes and more importantly nothing is created. So again, some kind of binary system “had to happen” and must always exist for our universe and the life within it to exist.
To clarify, I’m not disputing or arguing the existence or sovereignty of one god—God—since that’s what I started with at the birth of our universe. But the concept of one god as a “singularity” simply boggles the mind. Remember the computer and its binary code? I also don’t think that’s what we’re here to understand and/or master either because I seriously doubt that our binary-based brains are even capable of truly comprehending such a concept or form of life—a singularity actually capable of creating. Nor should that bother us. After all, God could not possibly be a literal “singularity,” rather it must be an everything-ity or all-ity or omnity. And beyond that consideration, why would we ever need to actually comprehend such a concept? That’s like expecting a one-celled amoeba to build a spaceship and go visit the Pleiades star system. For what possible reason or purpose useful to the evolution of the amoeba?
On the hierarchal ladder of life extending from the Godhead all the way figuratively “down” to entities here on the material plane, my premise is that every realm and form of life “beneath” the Godhead has to be a binary system somehow; created by and with varying degrees or expression of what I’m calling the feminine and masculine aspects of God. (Does it matter if we even call them gods? No, not at all; that’s simply a word and has no effect on our reverence for one supreme God. I’m also calling them divine Will, or the Mother, and divine Spirit, or the Father. Again, does it matter if I refer to them as Mother and Father, or even Mother God and Father God? Why should it matter? If I refer to my car as my “steel horse” it has absolutely no effect on the car’s internal mechanics working properly, nor on my ability to operate it to its maximum efficiency. These words like “Mother,” “feminine aspect” and “Will” simply help us understand certain properties and functions—whatever name is used.)
I’ll repeat the phrase that Will creates the space for Spirit to fill. The nature of divine Will is feeling and magnetic-like and the nature of divine Spirit is intellect and light-like. While both aspects are indeed alive, Will creates or defines the form and Spirit enlivens that form. Either aspect without the other does nothing—creates nothing. It’s a divinely elegant, binary system.
Sometimes it’s a challenge of semantics referring to divine Spirit, the “stuff,” while also discussing the spirits—entities—that live throughout our universe, plus the countless other forms of spirit-stuff around us, but it works out ok once the basic concept of divine Spirit is understood. That’s why I choose to use capital letters to signify divine Will and divine Spirit and the words, Mother and Father. Also, while some things are clearly very masculine or very feminine, literally everything beyond the actual Godhead still has some degree of both aspects. They have to; it defines and enables them and their functions—their very ability to exist as what they’re intended to be and to do what they’re intended to do.
It also gets interesting and hopefully somewhat enlightening when considering the whole Lucifer concept, from his exalted archangelic position on the hierarchal ladder all the way down to the Lucifarian-willed entities and complex elementals in the material world and its neighboring realms. First, Lucifer and his prodigy do indeed have divine Spirit and can thus lay claim to much of God’s creation as God’s (or the Father’s) heirs. BUT they totally deny the Mother, divine Will—God’s true will—or what we also commonly refer to as “the will of God,” sometimes without realizing the full meaning or extent of our words. So how can these entities even exist without the necessary divine Will aspect of our divine binary system?—the aspect that literally creates their form and holds them together? That’s another idea that’s too vast to include here, but which I’ll address in my upcoming book. Briefly, however, they use a skeletal, almost lifeless, tortured and broken version of the Mother to hold their Father/Spirit aspect in place so they can exist as viable, individuated entities.
Like I said, that’s a somewhat complex story, but obviously it works. The Lucifarians’ absolute denial of the Mother, divine Will, explains so much of the negative, anti-life stuff going on in the world—now and for millennia; obvious things like our patriarchal politicians and priests, plus raping the Earth (our material mother) as if it’s a disposable commodity, the denial of women’s rights—all of them, you name it; it’s all denial of our Mother, divine Will, God’s will, and it’s so obvious it’s laughable, were it not for the tragedy that so many of us are totally fooled into it, while having no idea that we are. It’s quite ingenious the way people, even the so-called “religious” among us buy into it with no clue whatsoever, while it’s so obvious once you understand the Lucifarians’ basic agenda: denial of the Mother, which is in fact divine Will, or God’s will. “Our father who art in heaven,”—wait a minute! How about “Our heavenly Mother and Father,” or simply, “Dear God who art in heaven”?
I didn’t mean to get too far into the Mother/Father thing again, but propagating this denial of the feminine aspect of God amongst humans is both ingenious and insidious, reaching far beyond what you might at first imagine and what I just briefly mentioned. A huge, but seemingly undiscussed effect of grinding down women and their natural, spiritual rights as co-creative humans—literal lifestreams of God—is a powerful cause that has a potentially very destructive effect on the spiritual evolution of our entire race and life itself on this planet. That direct cause-and-effect regards hope and I’ll explain how. But first, take a few seconds and try to imagine life or human evolution without hope.
An individual soul being reincarnated as a human begins the physical segment of their rebirth in the womb of a woman, whenever that returning soul chooses to literally attach itself to the woman’s developing embryo and thereafter occupy it. From that point forward, just like its mother, that newly inspirited fetus has its own material, etheric, emotional, mental and spirit layers of its being and they all begin transmitting, receiving and circulating various electromagnetic data amongst the other layers. Unlike its mother, however, these layers of its being are virtually pristine, while the mother’s—especially her etheric, emotional and mental layers—are not pristine; they’ve been subject to many years of assimilating both the harmonious and discordant energies of her environment.
Regardless of its conscious awareness, or lack thereof, or of the limited confines of its compact little environment, the fetus is already exchanging data on various levels with its mother also, and even the outside world to a limited extent (like music). Considering its recent quantum step from being a soul in some realm of spirit, this first pre-birth stage of data exchange with its mother is absolutely crucial for its re-adaptation to the material realm as a physical human. Clearly, although perhaps not consciously or deliberately, the mother is already “mothering” her fetus and that natural exchange includes etheric, emotional and mental data on the mother’s sense of hope, for both the present and future of her life. You probably know where I’m going with this.
What if the pregnant mother’s spouse is physically, emotionally and mentally abusive to her? How about just emotionally and mentally abusive? In the absence of the biological father, what if the mother is shamed and shunned by her community because the dogma of her religion condemns births outside of wedlock? Or what if her society in general views women in a lesser status than men, as seems to be the case in so much of the world? How is her compromised sense of hope reflected as etheric, emotional and mental data to the theretofore pristine corresponding layers of her fetus? Instead of limitless hope, she is reflecting limited expectations. You might think it’s subtle and perhaps it is to us, but it’s very present in this earliest, highly formative stage of that developing new human. In this vastly important way women are literally humanity’s gateway to the future. Will creates the space for Spirit to fill. So is that going to be purely God’s will or partly Lucifer’s will too?
I hope this illustrates the truly ingenious strategy to imprint the anti-Mother, anti-hope, thus anti-life Lucifarian agenda on humanity before we’re even born and then throughout our lives—lives with some lesser degree of hope—by simply denying the Mother. Obviously, a major tenet of God’s will for humanity is that we have unlimited hope, thus limitlessly creative lives.
I hadn’t originally intended to include some this topic from my upcoming book here in the blog, but the constant flow of news stories from around the world convinced me to immediately help at least a few more people put two and two together and realize that this underlying agenda is being not-so-subtly played out in our politics, religion and social structures—literally everywhere women’s rights are being disrespected, virtually everywhere in the world. Hopefully now it’ll be easier to notice, as well as to act in their defense—ultimately humanity’s defense. This isn’t just some common social oddity; it’s jeopardizing the future of our entire race. I also hope it’s obvious that this denial of divine Will, the Mother, affects far more than simply our collective sense of hope because that’s only one symptom of many leading to our (potentially) becoming a race of half-hearted, half-dead beings. Look around you and decide for yourself.
In some factions of spiritual metaphysics study people are trying to figure out what’s being referred to as the “Divine Matrix.” It seems to be one of those mysterious topics that has a cool name, but which none of us can wholly, factually define. That air of unexplained mystery is a strong drawing card for many of today’s popular “New Age” authors and speakers; well-defined or not, many of us, myself included, like to study and discuss these most basic mysteries of life.
Because it’s a challenge to get new books where I live in Mexico, I recently purchased a Kindle Paperwhite reader and downloaded a few books onto it, one of which was “The Divine Matrix” by Gregg Braden, an author I generally trust and much of who’s work I like because he also tries to find “hard scientific” correlations for key aspects within certain metaphysical claims and theories of life. However, just like the new state-of-the-art Nexus 7 Android tablet that I purchased 2 whole years ago, I’ve yet to ever use my new Kindle. Oh well; but in the case of not using my Kindle yet, I’ve been trying to finish reading another highly prized book first. Maybe I’m too hyper to sit and read during the day, so my reading has been limited to only little 5-to-30 minute segments right before I fall asleep (and usually lose my place in the book). I’m drifting way off topic, but I only mention this peculiarity because without reading Braden’s book yet I’m more or less assuming that I understand what the divine matrix is solely from his mentioning it in some of his newer online videos—worth watching.
Anyway, I’ve gotten the impression that the divine matrix being discussed is the invisible ether that permeates our reality, plus by and within which all other so-called “invisible” forces operate. Understand? Meanwhile, I’ve been struggling for 10+ years to complete at least a rudimentary explanation of how Will and Spirit, the feminine and masculine aspects of God, actually interact to produce the material reality we live in. Then I had a fresh revelation that was divinely simple, elegant, but that almost knocked me off my chair. Well, actually it sort of did, because I remember immediately getting up and busily walking around the room in little circles for a while as if I was making sure there weren’t any other little fragments of the idea that I may have missed still floating around in the atmosphere of the room somewhere, and that I should walk around to somehow absorb. It was an exhilarating experience, and one like I’ve not experienced in some years.
By now you know I like to make correlations involving quantum and particle physics in this blog—fairly crude ones I admit. Another topic of study in physics is what physicists call the “fabric” of spacetime, although I know next to nothing about their concept of spacetime as a quasi-tangible “thing” with concrete properties of its own besides being simply three dimensions of empty space, plus the added dimension of time. Why they call it a fabric makes sense to me though. Many physicists are also talking about “dark” matter and dark energy; while, although they now claim that about 75% of the universe consists of this dark stuff, no one seems to have a clue of what it actually is, or does, nor how they could ever possibly find some in order to learn something—anything—about it.
(That enormous chunk of missing data regarding 75% of our universe doesn’t seem to hinder the absurd gall of certain hard core materialists from arrogantly ridiculing other people’s belief in a “scientifically unproven” God; as if knowing about only parts of the other 25% makes them authorities. But that’s a whole different story; perhaps one they’ll soon learn. And hey, in the interests of mutual tolerance let’s at least give them credit for trying to follow that 25% of the whole story.)
I said this new revelation was simple, and here it is. The fabric of spacetime is (basically) the same thing as the divine matrix. That part seems to be a no-brainer. But my new understanding is that the fabric/matrix is the closest thing to representing the omnipresence of (almost singular) divine Will, the feminine aspect of God throughout our universe—“dark” or not, that we’ll ever find; omnipresent and waiting to create… whatever. “You want space? Ok Spirit, let’s be space. You want matter? Ok Spirit, let’s be matter. Energy? Ok. Anything else God? Come on Spirit, let’s go do that.”
So in terms of physics we have two massless forms of energy comprising the two most basic building blocks of the universe; what I’m calling (divine) Will and Spirit, God’s appointed Mother and Father of creation. Maybe the science of spiritual metaphysics gets a bit of a jump forward to catch up with the science of physics on this idea—who knows?—as if it really matters. But I can’t help envisioning—hoping—that some cutting-edge physicist somewhere will gather this information, pick up the ball from there and formulate some new theory(ies) that blows the collective mind of contemporary physics. That’d be great, evolution-wise.
A major quest in particle physics is the discovery of the most basic components of what they call their “Standard Model,” of particles’ basic building blocks very near the top of particle physicists’ hierarchal ladder. With the much anticipated 2013 discovery of the Higgs boson, popularly mis-named by some of the news media as the missing “God particle,” their Standard Model is almost compete; I say “almost” because while it’s a highly predictive framework, it doesn’t account for General Relativity theory’s gravity, dark matter or energy and some other unexplained phenomena, most of which is still too far beyond my meager knowledge-base. But with the confirmation of the Higgs boson the Standard Model has 17 fundamental components, indicating that there are still one or two steps yet to be found closer to the top of the hierarchal ladder of physics’ Holy Grail, a “unified theory” of everything. I’m placing Will and Spirit next to the top, as the two components of a required binary system, one capable of creation. Above that binary step is God.
Other than their outrageously amazing mathematical skills, one of the things I admire most about physicists is the ability of a rare few of them to invent experiments to somehow shake loose new data on things or forces that are virtually invisible or infinitesimally small. Not that it happens very often, but when it does it always just amazes me.

There are two such remarkably similar experiments that are of special interest to me concerning the fabric/matrix topic; one presumably ongoing, found at: http://www.fnal.gov/pub/presspass/press_releases/2014/2-D-Hologram-20140826.html and another one planned and ready to go, found at: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn25285-recordbreaking-atom-laser-to-hunt-quantum-gravity.html#.VApWt8JdWSo.
Excluding the most ignorant materialists and their fundamentally religious counterparts, everyone says the gap between science and religion—between physical science and spiritual science actually—is narrowing more and more, and that the figurative line between them will eventually dissolve as they finally become one unified science. It’s a fun process to watch.
But concerning the here-and-now, the sooner we “discover” and embrace the divine Mother in all her myriad expressions, plus expose the Lucifarian fraud throughout the world’s organized religions, politics and social structures the better. Then humanity can finally get on with advancing to the miraculous technologies surely to come from our unified sciences and life in a truly Golden Age on Earth. Meanwhile, however, there’s no possible way I can interpret this overall hypothesis in the language of physics; someone else will have to do that. It has to happen somehow, somewhere, sometime.
I realize this is a somewhat abbreviated version of topics that deserve much more detail—as much detail as I can provide, and that’s why I’m writing the book I’ve been mentioning. Shameless pre-marketing? Well, pre-marketing for sure. Blogs serve their purpose, as do books. Besides, the book will debut as a digital e-book priced somewhere between free and dirt-cheap. In addition, what I’ve discussed thus far on these blog pages is only a preamble to what’s coming in the next pages regarding how some of this phenomena interacts around and within you, the tool it’s created within you—your heart portal—and what you can actually, pro-actively do with that tool to truly co-create your life and your immediate environment.
It’s going to take some time to finish the book, so in the meantime I hope you’ll re-visit this blog for the upcoming pages; pages that I also hope will take much less time to write than they’ve been taking thus far. If I can entice you to come back for the next page, let me offer a broad question that the next page will answer.
We’ve discussed two opposed, extreme forms of will; one being divine will, what I’m referring to as the feminine aspect of God, divine Will or the Mother, and the other form of will being virtually devoid of God’s will and denying the full, divinely intended presence of the feminine aspect, the Mother. Those are two extremes, but since we don’t live in a reality that’s either solely positive or solely negative, yes or no, light or dark, what about all of the shades of gray in between? In other words, what about us? None of us are solely one way or the other.
In one absolute sense our human lives consist of our exchanging and assimilating energies which in turn are comprised by varying configurations of God’s feminine and masculine aspects. And as we know, another such variable is the type or quality of the feminine aspect; whether it favors God’s will, the Mother, or whether it denies and opposes it. How can we discern such variables with any certainty, or more importantly how can we find and then use energies that we’re sure consist of solely God’s will and spirit, created by solely the divine Mother and Father? That is precisely what the Portal of Spirit and the spirit-energy within it are for, and we’ll discuss exactly how and why in the upcoming page.
Like I keep saying, if you’ve read this far in the blog I’m sure you’ll be glad you stayed with it. Until then, thanks again for reading, and if you’d share this Web site with someone else I’d really appreciate that too. I’m hopeful they will as well.